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Saturday April 30th


Was pretty tough but I probably could have continued with a few extra sets if not for wrist pain. Elbows are feeling it too. I'm going to take until thursday off before testing my new max. Hoping for 135x5 or more.

Neck Harness

I've eliminated all momentum from the exercise (which I now realize was out of hand).

I've also begun doing band assisted dips. A regular dip for me, on top of only having a 2 inch range of motion, gives me alot of sternum pain. So I'm starting with the heaviest band I have and doing a set of 10 with a 5 second concentric, and then going to the next band for a few reps, eventually performing them without pain. I've been dipping the past three days in a row and I today performed the set of 10 pain free, except for when stretching afterwards. I'm just going to keep pushing a little harder each day until I can do them unassisted.

Aaaaand, I closed the number 2 having not touched a gripper in two weeks, and then only for a brief couple of workouts after a long layoff. It could have been the gripper workouts, it could very well be the grease the groove pull ups, but whatever it is its good to know the strength is easy to keep.
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