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Anyone else notice they lift more on a fast day than on a feed day? Over the last 2-3 months, I've noticed I lift heavier weight on days that I fast as opposed to days that I eat all day. Not sure the science behind it (if there is any?) but definately realized a traffic pattern there.

Also like to add that some of these elaborate rep schemes suggested are more geared towards the competitive athlete IMO. The reason I say that is because while there is no question you will increase your 1RM, there is a price to pay for admission. By focusing solely on hitting numbers, other aspects of your athleticism will suffer. In other words, by neglecting such aspects of metcon and interval training, fat loss will most likely come to a halt. Sure you can spend 2-3 of the other days doing high intensity type training but then say good bye to proper rest and recovery.

Not saying this is the BEST way to go, but I personally found doing the WOD's along with one day a week of strength training to be the middle ground (using this exact workout: Not only did I see myself getting leaner as ever before, but each month progressively beating my previous PR's (as measured by the CrossFit Total).

Today I hit my personal best on the deadlift with 465 lbs. (bw: 188lbs).
Increased 15 lbs from last month. Again, not saying this is the best way to increase your 1RM, but it has worked very well for me WHILE losing bf at the same time (if that is one of your goals). However, if your competitive and don't care so much about body comp...I'd say give one of these exclusive strength programs a shot.
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