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Default Re-testing

Re-focusing my efforts to only handstand,l-sit, planche, and front lever are going a lot smoother. I now have a 15 second tuck planche after 6 weeks of training. I need to re-test front lever progress, however my negatives have been getting a lot smoother. At this point I am finding training splits difficult. Currently I have been doing HS,l-sit, Pl, FL statics and 1-2 concentric movements towards the end. I switched to trying Straight arm work aka statics on day1, then day 2 doing bent-arm strength movements such as HSPU and FL-pulls This allows me to get in some leg work aka squats or cleans on either day. Although I am making solid progress, I was wondering if there are some other, ways of splitting up training. Such as a pressing day or a pulling day? I notice I that I am feeling pretty beat up between training days, even though I have been taking deload weeks every 4 weeks.
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