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Sounds like your ring dip strength is around where mine is, Troy. I've tinkered with the idea of doing wide arm dips on the parallel bars or russian dips. I also set up two blocks and do a dip that starts learning forward towards something like a bent arm elbow lever, wanna be bent arm maltese.

Leave the bulgarian dips till you can do parallel ring dips. RTO dips after you can do Bulgarians.

Right now, I just set up a new program where I work rope pullups and ring dips on Tu and F. M&Th I work a basic ring series involving muscle-up then negative muscle-up 3x3 to go along with body lever, block maltese and HS to shoulderstand on rings (it honestly doesn't work very well going from shoulderstand to invert hang).

I had been meaning to do levers and ring support work 4d/week but now I'm leaving to just Tu/F due to the 5 sets of body lever, block maltese, and ring HS to shoulderstand (which I'm gonna replace with press HS).

I think this should work well for me. I had intended to do ring dips instead of hands turned out dips on blocks but I was too tired to support on rings. And yes, sleep and eating are pretty shitty for awhile to be coming up
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