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Troy Kerr
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So far my push pull days are looking like this:
HS statics alt./ between stomach to wall freestanding, and bent arm straddle presses to hs.
L-sit: 3-5 sets of 5 second holds. Some days I feel good with these and others they're tough. I will monitor the progress.
Push Day;
Tuck planche; 6x8 second holds
RTO support hold: 6x10 seconds
PPPU on rings: 3x3

Pull: Adv. Tuck Front Lever: 6x8 seoncd hold OR Half Tuck Negatives
Straight arm Front Pulls: 3x2 or Front lever pullups
Muscle up transitions or 1 arm rows 3x8

I have yet to tinker with the pulling day at all yet so some of the numbers are skewed. I will rotate the PPPU's with the bar dips as well. I was messing around on the parallettes today and did a tuck HS roll to a bent arms straddle planche, and was able to get a decent press. Could be a fluke since I had some extra energy today. Just though it was of decent note.
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