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Matt Knox
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The military has kept me moving the past couple of days so I missed wednesday.
Thursday week 4
Power clean- 115, 125, 135x3
overhead squat 115, kind of felt weak today from not being on proper diet.

Max bench press- 225 just wanted to test myself. Missed 245 twice.

12 db upright rows w/40s
12 push-ups

tonight a couple of my friends decided to do a caveman workout from API training center(where the one and only sean sherk trains)

10 pull ups
10 box jumps
10 deadlifts @ 185
10 db thrusters w/40s
10 diamond push ups

10 pull ups
10 bent over rows
10 upright rows
10 shoulder press
10 renegade rows
all with 35lb dumbells

plus 4-3 min rounds of muay thai sparring

I was pretty smoked today but felt great. I know it is a lot of work but I need the conditioning and the mental training. Was it overtraining? Maybe but I feel fully recovered and tomorrow is a rest day, maybe some muay thai technique work.
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