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Default Upper-back rounding in the front squat

I don't know if this is strictly a flexibility issue, but this seems a reasonable place to post this question...

I'm trying to teach my girlfriend to front squat, but she's finding it difficult to hold the correct body position. I've cued her to keep the elbows high, the chest lifted, looking forward as she sits down between the knees. But as she descends the upper-back rounds, the elbows drop, and the bar rolls into her hands and off her shoulders.

I've suggested she practice holding onto a door handle squat deep and try to lift her chest (a la Dan John) as well as practicing light triples before every workout.

She has a little kyphosis which I'm trying to remedy with face-pulls and rows with 1s pauses at the top. Should I add more work for her upper-back, band pull-aparts maybe to strengthen between her shoulder blades or just keep practicing?

Am I on the right track with this or does anyone have any suggestions?
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