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Originally Posted by Ben Byram View Post
Thanks. I've seen some this guy's videos before and they're class!

That said I don't think that exercise would be practical to do at our gym, and if I'm honest I don't like the look of the loading on the lower back. She's doing back extensions and hammer rows with a pause which tick the same boxes without the loading on the lumbar spine.

I'm glad it worked for you though.
not sure where you see this loading, but if you have her do a back extension with a 10-25lb plate in her hands and add a row at the top, you have the gist of the movement. i definitely see it helping more than hammer rows

edit: my .02 is to give it a try yourself:
get on the back ext with a plate on the ground. reach down and put your hands on it. extend your upper back, take the slack out of your arms then perform a back extension, focusing on holding your upper back extended. give a good pause at the top, squeezing both your glutes/hams and holding that upper back extension. row the weight to your chest and give another good pause.
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