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Jeff Giliam
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Even though I haven't posted for 2 weeks, I did get in a couple of workouts. (I lost a bet, so I had to do some power lifting, etc.)

I also decided to switch from Everett's beginners lifting program to the intermediate program, so we'll see how that goes.

Snatched 145# x 2 x 3. Really trying to work on shrugging myself down rather than shrugging the weight up. Also focusing on my upper back extension.
Squat 245# x 3 x 5. With my new shoes I'm finding it a little more difficult to keep my weight back on my heels. I'm still only feeling the bounce on the right leg.
Clean Deadlift 275# x 5 x 3. Tough, but solid.
Push Press 165# x 5 x 5. Worked on keeping that upper back extended which seemed to make the exercise much easier.
Pull ups x 9, 7, 6. Pretty easy going.

I'm really having a hard time with my left knee. The chiropractor doesn't seem to be helping like he did before.
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