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Default Tuesday 24th May

This week x5@9-10.
Lower: 7% fatigue stress + 25'.
Upper: 8% fatigue stress + 28'.

I'm going to introduce more RPE 10 work over the next couple of months, but still focus on volume.

100x5 @9
100x5 @9
100x5 @10
92.5x5 @8
92.5x5 @10
+ technique good, getting more upright than I used to.
- weak as piss
A little annoying that I used do 100x5x2 as a light recovery day when doing TM.

120x5 @9
120x5 @10
112.5x5 @9
112.5x5 @9
112.5x5 @9.5
Grip limiting factor.

Front squat (2')
70x6 @8
70x6 @8.5
70x6 @9

Partial ab roll-out (6 feet from wall)
BWx2 @9 (2' rest)
BWx2x5 @10 (Rest from 1.5-3)
These are a good challenge. Will do these longer than the normal 2-4 weeks on supplementary work as I want to do a full ROM standing roll-out. These were much harder going a foot further out. I'm 6'1", so used my height as a measurment.
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