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Default Wednesday 25th May

13st 2lbs (184lbs) this morning. I've lost a stone in 8 weeks, that's 14lbs to most of you guys. Have lost 2" around my waist.

Not had time to analyse it proplerly, but I haven't lost much if any upper body strength I think, but my squat has got a bit weaker. I think the squat strength loss may be a result of doing unilateral work on the second session of the week rather than squatting, not sure squatting once a week is enough for me. I'm not planning to lose much more weight, so I'll run with the unilateral stuff a little longer and see what happens anyway.

I'm planning to do the exercises I think are most effective for me towards the end of the cycle, is this the conjugate method?....hmmmm.......

Bench press
80x5 @9
80x5 @9.5
80x5 @10
72.5x5 @9
72.5x5 @9.5
72.5x5 @9.5
72.5x5 @9.5
Improved my arch in the last few sets.

(BW+5)x5 @8
(BW+7.5)x5 @9.5
(BW+6.25)x5 @9.5
(BW+6.25)x5 @9
(BW+7.5)x5 @10
(BW+2.5)x5 @10
(BWx5) @9.5
(BWx5) @10
Weight loss helping these.

Arnold press (2')
24x6 @8.5
24x6 @9
24x6 @10

Cable flies (2')
15x7 @8
15x7 @9
15x7 @10
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