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Default Tuesday 31st May

Felt less than chipper following a 4 day bender in Latvia for my stag do, only including 2 meals that weren't beer.

This week x3 @8-9, 3% fatigue, 18' lower.

102.5x3 @8
102.5x3 @8.5
102.5x3 @9
100x3 @9
Squat is going down. Hopefully I can rectify this when I kill the diet off shortly.

125x3 @8.5
120x3 @8
120x3 @8.5
122.5x3 @8
125x3 @9
Made a bit of a mess with the RPE's, felt stronger as I got going.

Front squat (2')
70x7 @9
70x7 @9
70x7 @9

Ab roller (1.5-2')
BWx2x6 @9-10
Knees: BWx7 @8.5
Brutal. 6" from the wall.
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