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Default looking for thoughts on my current daily regimen

hoping this can be useful to others as well as me. if not... sorry!

  • 21 yrs old, ~165 @ 5'10.5, lean enough for abs to show
  • intermediate level CrossFitter, started ~2 years ago w/ no real athletic background
  • i'm still in the phase where i'm making pretty good progress in the different domains of S&C even with basically no periodization. super orthodox crossfit stuff. this doesn't really matter but deadlift and backsquat are currently pushing 300# and metcons are at a corresponding level of attainment. whatever that means. this isn't terribly important.
  • super clean diet. basically adhere to what Robb Wolf and Chris Kresser say.

  • stay lean and cut (minimize bulk) while continuing to make good progress w/ current training (soon i'd like to shift to more periodized/intelligent S&C stuff and alongside some kind of more technical sport or fight-oriented training, but that's not feasible just yet)
  • be as mentally sharp and effective as possible for chunks of day allocated to productive work, nightlife, creative stuff, etc...
  • have as good or better a daily sense of 'natural high' if you know what i mean. also, maintain or increase libido


OK, what follows is a kind of template for the day. obviously it's heavily idealized and i won't stick to it all the time. but i've naturally fallen into something sorta like this over the past month and want to refine/optimize (except for the supplements — that is, aside from the BCAAs preWOD and vit D on days when i don't get sun, and maca preWOD for a little while there, the other supplements listed i literally just got in the mail today)



8oz slow-brewed yerba mate
10g BCAA
3.6g arginine,
1 cap tribx90
2 caps NSI passion booster (this might be worthless but they were 2 for 1 so why not)
wondering if i should add in some of the alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l-carnitine i've got at this time.

crossfit WOD begins
16oz yerba mate w/in first 15 mins

my PWO meal breaks a ~16hr fast
protein (1-2 cans wildplanet sardines in spring water or 1 can trader joe's wild salmon) + starch (1 med. pressure-cooked garnet yam or japanese sweet potato) [it's summer so i might move to berries]
5g glutamine

errands, misc tasks, or outdoor activity

main meal: .75-1 lb. of grassfed meat (e.g. chuck roast, beef heart, liver), variegated root or leaf veggies (beets, parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli, whatever), herbs/spices, all lightly sauteed in coconut oil or kerrygold butter and/or pressure-cooked
2 caps probiotic
2 caps tribx90

main productivity block
600mg alpha lipoic acid & 1g acetyl l-carnitine (here)

small dinner: could be anything from leftovers from the main meal, a whole 12oz package of niman ranch uncured bacon if i'm feeling raunchy, or a single cucumber.
don't know what the best supplement to take with this meal would be. any ideas? probably depends on what I want to spend the next chunk of time doing. so of the supplements mentioned above, what would prep me for what? should I shift anything around?

nightlife and/or creative work

don't currently know what to take at empty-stomach bedtime. but natural calm or ZMA could probably be helpful. i'm a pretty good sleeper but always room for improvement.

please forgive the excruciating level of detail combined w/ vagueness of my question. I'm really looking for advice on ANY ASPECT of this — supplements, food, timing, anything. is there any additional information i can provide that would produce more useful comments?

many thanks in advance if you were able to bear through this.

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