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Started a program I found in Dan John's book "from the ground up"...Lately I've been working on my O-lifts, but nothing really solid as far as programming. I figured this would help me out in the basics. We'll see. I'm slated to go to a martial arts course for the marine corps in August.

Yesterday 20110605

Burg Warmup + CA warmup

Snatch (8 sets of doubles)
95lbs x 8 x 2
Light weight, but my snatch is my I'm going go at this slow and by the numbers

Clean & Jerk (8 sets of singles)
185lbs x 8 x 1
may have started to heavy...I was able to hit all 8..but the last 2 were kinda hard. May stay at the same weight on Wed.

Front Squat (5 x 5)
195lbs x 5 x 5

Military Press (3 sets of 5)
155lbs x 3 x 5


1 mile run
2 rounds:
1000m run
21 swings @ 53lb KB
12 burpees

Yuma was in the 100's as far as temp...kinda crappy on the running
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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