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Tuesday June 7th

Hang Power Clean

Easy. I've found its easier for me to maintain good form if I just keep my feet on the ground, extend the ankles hard and squat straight down, rather than actually jump.


Its been one week since I aggravated my lower back volume squatting. I still had some pain but I thought I would be okay, and I was for one set. The second set however reaggravated the injury pretty decently and I decided that it was too serious to continue, although its not like I haven't had this kind of pain a 20 times before in the past year though, so its not serious serious. I got both sets on video and I'm analyzing them for what went wrong. This most obvious error was going too deep. This seems to place much, much greater stress on the spine then a slightly below parallel squat. Another issue is the deadlift. This injury would have healed if not for saturdays deadlifting, I'm sure of it, and frankly my lower back felt like shit that night after DLing. And is it any coincidence that since I've begun deadlifting again, my back has been hurting the majority of the time? I dont think so. I think I'll either pull sumo, or apply more of a conjugate approach deadlifting rarely, or both. I won't be doing conventional deadlifts again anytime soon anyways. Maybe its best to save it for meet

Injury vid -

Wide Stance Box Squat

No harder then 135x10 was. Ya know, I think I would be really happy if these overshot my close stance squatting. The mechanics of it just seem friendlier to the body, what with the upright torso and minimal knee travel. The only problem would be hip strain, but I could just wear briefs. -edit- Problem: I'm squatting to a 15" box and that has me above parallel by a couple inches. Fawk. Time to buy some plywood.

Wide Stance Squat

Down to a 13 inch box. Maybe half an inch above parallel, but this shit is hard on the adductors so I'm not to upset. I think I'll just continue squatting to the 15 inch box. Easier on the addies and this is just an assistance exercise for now.
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