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Originally Posted by Eduardo Chile View Post
I think you will find that to be the case with any change you make since strength is very specific to ypur motor pattern. You can't look at it like that. You have to see it as long term progress and going a bit wider may get you there faster 3 months from now. Just my two cents.
Noted. I would probably have gone this route if my squat numbers weren't so low. I could handle a temporary drop if I was approaching 400.

Thursday June 9th

Front Squat
Wide Stance Box Squat 185x10

Something magical has been happening the last two squat workouts. My knees have been staying out without my having to really try, or even think about it. I think the wide stance squats are doing their work. Wide stance squats were hard today though, I dont know if it was the extra volume on tuesday or just that I'm hitting a wall with 10 pound jumps, but I'll try one more 10 pound jump.
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