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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
I don't think mixed grip in the DL translates to anything but mixed grip in the DL.

if you have a generally weak grip and lose the bar..whether that's out of a mixed of overhand grip I'd still say do more overhand pulling for grip and work on your bicep/shoulder mobility in the underhand.
I'm generally pretty happy with my grip strength. It lags my DL by 60-70# but I suspect that's fairly normal. When my DL goes up my double overhand weight tends to increase as well. My concern was that this would stop happening if I began using straps for my heaviest pulls. You don't think that will be a problem?

FWIW, I still do farmer's walks, back-off and warm-up DL sets, as well as DB rows, all of which seem to contribute to grip, so my assumption is that I'm not going to find straps are going to compromise anything.
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