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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
Subjectively, it feels like AIS stretches the fascia moreso than PNF or static stretching. I've been looking more into stretching the fascia lately, so I'll update when I learn more.

You might want to look at Ming Chew's "The Permanent Pain Cure". The stretches in the book are very detailed (toes this way, ankle that way, leg direction over here, etc.) and are self-described as being "fascial stretches". Overall the book is definitely a B+ (or better) with a holistic bent to solving pain: tissue quality, water, diet, movement, strength.

Also of interest (I give this one an A) is a book by Craig Williamson called "Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living" (can you tell what's been on my mind?). This book is even more holistic (going to psychology, etc.) but it has GREAT drills for re-developing a kinesthetic sense of your core (ok, sure, core is a dirty word ... but what if it's the right word and the right problem?). Let me be less fluffy. The book taught me drills that I'm using to lessen my constant tension in my lumbar/sacral spinal erectors.

Incidentally, both books are cheap. I think you can get both on Amazon for like $25 total.

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