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Default fat during undereating?

Hello everybody, this is my first post. About two months ago, I started practicing IF, and I hope some of you are willing to give me a hand with the fine-tuning.

Up to now, I have organized it as follows: Only tea and coffee for about 18 hours of the day, then two larger meals in the remaining 6 hours (usually lunch and dinner).

One of my aims was reducing body fat, and that has already been accomplished. I'm somewhere around 10% now, which is where I want to be.

I still plan to stick with IF and make it part of my regular diet due to the numerous health and longevity advantages associated with this practice.

Now, on to my question. I have read the book "Perfect Health Diet" by Paul Jaminet (won't post a link in my first thread), which also addresses IF. The author claims that it is perfectly acceptable to eat fat during the fasting phase, and that only carbs and protein have to be avoided. He specifically recommends virgin coconut oil, and also leafy vegetables which only contain negligible amounts of carbs and protein.

It's clear that adding lots of coconut oil to IF will make it a less potent weight-loss tool, but as I've said, this is not my objective any more. In case of adopting this idea, I'd keep the total calories constant and just spread them out more.

It sounds logical that fat consumption will not influence insulin levels, and therefore many of the postive health effects of IF (improved insulin sensitivity etc.) could still apply.

On the other hand, I take "fasting" to mean severely reducing one's energy intake, and that just doesn't go together with downing ounces of coconut oil!

So, what do you think of the idea to consume fat (specifically coconut oil) during undereating? Will it decrease the value of IF even if overall calories are kept constant?

How do you manage undereating phases? Do you eat any food at all, or just stick to non-caloric drinks?
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