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30/05/11 - 01/06/11



Sumo Rack Pull (belt)
1 x 160kg
1 x 180kg
0 x 200kg

180kg was SO EASY while 200kg didn't even budge.

Fat Gripz Deadlift
5, 5, 4, 2, 3 x 60kg (60sec rest)

I feel like if my hands were just a little bit bigger, these would be so much easier.

GHD Glute-Ham Raise
3 x 8 (30sec rest)

I also threw 5 dips somewhere in there which made me really sore for the next couple of days. No shoulder pain though, which is awesome.


DE Box Squat
Every 60sec
10 x 2 x 85kg + Red Bands

Box Squat (belt)
2 x 100kg + Red Bands
2 x 110kg + Red Bands
1 x 125kg + Red Bands

Failed on the second rep at 125kg. Band set up a little tighter than usual.

DE Deadlift
Every 45sec
8 x 1 x 90kg + Red Band

GHD Glute Ham Raise
3 x 5 x 5kg (60sec rest)

07/06/11 - 09/06/11



Back Squat (belt)
8 x 80kg
8 x 100kg
8 x 110kg

Dept was a bit iffy on the first few reps. Probably due to lack of confidence from box squatting exclusively for so long.

Fat Gripz Deadlift
5, 5, 5, 4, 3 x 60kg (60sec rest)

3 x 5

I won't lie, these were hard. To be expected, I guess, from resting my shoulder for so long.

GHD Glute Ham Raise
3 x 8 (30 sec rest)
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