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Originally Posted by Brian Stone View Post
I'm generally pretty happy with my grip strength. It lags my DL by 60-70# but I suspect that's fairly normal. When my DL goes up my double overhand weight tends to increase as well. My concern was that this would stop happening if I began using straps for my heaviest pulls. You don't think that will be a problem?

FWIW, I still do farmer's walks, back-off and warm-up DL sets, as well as DB rows, all of which seem to contribute to grip, so my assumption is that I'm not going to find straps are going to compromise anything.
My overhand with no hook lags my mixed grip by at least 150 pounds. (450 as opposed to 600+)

that said, i don't feel straps have hurt me. my grip waxes and wanes depending on how often i do farmers with substantial weight (200 plus each hand) grip always seems to comes back quickly, so it's an easy experiment.
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