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11/06/11 - 13/06/11



Feeling weak today.

DE Box Squat
Every 60sec
8 x 2 x 90kg + Red Bands

I was having trouble keeping my upper back tight.

Box Squat (belt)
1 x 100kg + Red Bands
1 x 110kg + Red Bands
1 x 120kg + Red Bands
0 x 130kg + Red Bands

Lost balance on the 130kg attempt. Sat too far back. The dynamic effort before took a lot out of me so I didn't try again.

DE Deadlift
Every 45sec
8 x 1 x 100kg + Red Band

Can't really call that "dynamic effort." If anything, towards the end, it was closer to max effort.

3 x 5

My shoulder felt surprisingly solid.

GHD Glute Ham Raise
3 x 5 x 5kg (60sec rest)

Pretty crappy workout. Feeling weak and fatigued. Weights seemed too heavy, so instead of being a DE workout, it just completely drained me.
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