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After making this original post, I immediately felt kinda stupid. But here's my explanation

At the time I felt like I had gotten to a really dialed-in and happy place, i.e. gone through a bunch of iterations of my daily rhythm, and felt like I had hit on a good one — I also had a little extra cash and spent it on some supplements that I kept hearing good things about.

And so i wanted some help optimizing my intake of said supplements and maybe some critical thoughts to help me optimize and be even more successful with the next iteration of my daily protocol, if that makes sense.

Basically I was looking to make sure I wasn't making any glaring, obvious mistakes. and/or that I might be triaging my intake of stuff in the best way. The very broad goals I listed in my original post are basically all I have at the moment. I have some physical skill-related goals to start attacking down the line, but those are going to depend on training not nutrition.

Anyways thanks for the comments guys... Here's my response.

I don't live off of powders at all. I take 10g BCAA pre-workout because I feel better training fasted, and even better than that when I've got a handful of BCAA caps in me. That's it

I don't take any kind of meal-replacement powders at all. I cook all of my meals myself, from whole unprocessed foods. And @Darryl, if you saw what my plates look like you wouldn't be saying "not enough"
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