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Tuesday June 21st

Hang Power Clean

My form was shit, completely all over the place, looping bar path, racking low (argh me wrists!)... I`m taking this as a sign to start progressing HPSnatches for awhile. The good news is I tried a few reps with 95 pounds and it felt light as air.


Here is my new master plan: because any maximal effort degrades my form to an unacceptable extent, I`m going to switch intensity day with a DE day, and work various corrective exercises like knee band squats, wide stance box squats, and single leg work. But first I`m going to progress intensity day to a 320 (really 315)x5 squat because I`ve had that goal for almost a year and I just want to get it done already.

Wide Stance Box Squat

It felt like I had 10 reps in me, which is good because it means more room to progress.

CoC #2 Static Holds R
7 (seconds)
6 (parallel)

For reasons unknown, I couldn't get that last MM closed on any of these sets. And the last was only to parallel. Oh lawd...

MMkay so it turns out the scale I have is 10 pounds off, so I really weigh around 212-214 (the scale when unloaded points to 2 so iunno). So, I've gained 4-7 pounds in the past 5-6 weeks. Still faster than I would like. I have daydreams about not having a gut, but I think I'll wait till I'm benching at least 275 and squatting 400+ to worry about not being a fatty-fat-fat.
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