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Friday June 24th

Close Grip Bench Press

2 min rest, pretty easy.

Seated Dumbbell Press

Barbell Curl

I seem to have suffered a mystery injury in my tailbone. The same thing happened 2 years ago and crippled me for a week, maybe its not as bad this time because I'm alot stronger. Squatting tomorrow is out, I tried a set of 10 at 95# and fuck, it was really painful.

50 reps

Was at the park with my dog and decided to hit up some hammer grip chins, one set turned into two turned into three, and I continued on when I got home. Started with sets of 5 but dropped to mostly sets of 3 with an occasional 4 or 2. I like this style of training chins, that is just doing them when I feel like it (today that was in between commercials). Took me about 90-120 minutes to finish all 50. Way more time efficient than GTG too.

I'm feeling minimalist so I'm going to strip down my program. Nothing but squats, bench, row, and lots of BW chins (and corrective squat exercises for the time being). Going to hit each real hard though, lots of volume. We'll see if thats enough to drive up the deadlift.
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