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Another frequency question here.

I recently started training BJJ and Kickboxing, after training karate for two years. At the same time, I transitioned from :

4 day a week program of 5/3/1 (squatting 2-3 times a week, DL 1 time a week, pressing 2 times a week, and benching once), and going to karate two times a week.


a madcow intermediate program 3 days a week (squat 3 times, DL once, press twice, bench once) and going to BJJ two times a week (2 hour classes) and kickboxing/striking two times a week (1.5 hour classes).

The new classes are what I was looking for in several respects, but part of it is I am worrying I am doing too much. I have already cut all metcons/cardio work except for one day a week out of my workouts, and I used to do three days 10-25 minutes. I have also cut out any accessory work except for pullups, pushups, dips, and ab work as needed. Generally quick stuff two times a week after lifting.

My question is will my body get used to the extra exertion? It has been 3ish weeks since I have started, and depending on the class, I may be pretty sore after. I eat a lot and try to get enough sleep. I also do mobility work pretty much every night. Should I look at cutting a day of lifting out a week, or will the body adapt?

I know more info would be useful, so if I am leaving anything out, ask.

Thanks for the input.
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