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Default Quilt effect

Two of the only situations in which we use isolation exercises here at Hacasa are:

A. Achieving structural balance - correcting any deficiencies in problem areas and working towards a more complete system and increasing performance through balance.
B. Prehab work - which is kind of related to my first point, but sometimes goes even further than just correcting deficiencies.(A good prehab protocol should take the problem area above and beyond the current systemtic requirements - and create a safety 'buffer zone' for future efforts)

Besides that, all you have left to do is work functionaly and blast away, no need to do any other isolation work, and it can even be dangerous. Be carefull with playing the role of 'I know whats good for me'. You can direct your body in a general way towards the adaptation you are after, but if you start to work every small area by itself you end up creating a 'quilt effect' - your body is a system working in integration, and not in isolation.
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