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Originally Posted by Peter Puetz View Post
Mike Burgener told me once that it is a good start to do jumps on boxes for three or four weeks before switching to jump squats. Leg bend and roundbacking certainly helps but you don't jump up on a 40" box with leg bend alone...
The fact that Burgener throws them into his Oly WOD from time to time was what made me think about them.

There is something about going back and forth between back squats and jumps up to boxes (landing in the squat on top of the box). Any jumps make squats feel lighter, but these do especially for some reason, maybe because the movement is more similar.


I don't entirely understand what you're saying, but it sounds interesting... can you flesh it out more? Are you saying that jumps up on to something is more of a real-world movement. That's certainly true. I guess from a GPP/ real-world injury prevention perspective it might not hurt to develop the ability to land concurrently with the ability to jump.
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