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Its nothing too complicated, at least with my athletes. The olympic lifting is set up on a certain program, handstand pushups and other gymnastic skills you can just use charts like Steves modified version for gymnastic movements on "The Fundamentals of Bodyweight Training" article from Power and Strength elements come first, metcons just use some common sense. For example, I do not like doing olympic lifting in metcons in excessive numbers, all we are trying to do for that metcon is fatigue the athlete and make them focus on executing the technique for that lift more. So.I may do something like 5 cleans based off of 40-50% of their 1rm, 10 burpees, 15 situps, for 6 rds with 1 minute rest.This is of course one example. We have had great results this way. I love the article as well. Certain movements are always going to be gassers, burpees, kb swings, wall balls, slam balls, running, etc. I honestly do not beleive that programming for a crossfit games champion is a challenging task, you just have to have the knowledge of when to move certain movements in, and realize that some movements have a greater carry over to other movements than others. You can't develop everything at once. And of course having a patient athlete that is dedicated to training is always nice.
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