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Default Please help critique my program

I am a highland games athlete, also plan to compete in strongman and all the while improve my general athleticism. I am trying to get to level 2 and eventually 3 on the eatmoveimprove skills guideline. I would definately like to be able to do freestanding handstands, handstand walking, press to handstand, and be fairly strong on the rings. My plan is a combination of bodyweight (upper body) and Olympic (lower body). I lack explosiveness, and that holds me back in highland games and the jumping and sprinting on the skills guidelines. This program will go 16 weeks, 4x 4 week blocks. 3 weeks hard,1 week easy.

Mon/tues/thur/sat static holds: handstand, l-sit, german hang.
Then a simple push pull of handstand pushups, wide grip pullups, pushups, ring row.
only the static stuff on Tuesdays, no push/pull. Also do shoulder prehab- bandwork, wall extensions, dislocates on those 4 days. I have poor shoulder mobility.

Weds: snatch, overhead squats,back squat, snatch pull
Friday: cleans, front squat, clean pull, rdl/shrug
Sunday: snatch, clean + jerk, one leg/one arm dumbell clean + jerk, one leg rdl, one leg squat

mostly lower rep range, lower reps every week, 3rd week singles and the Sunday snatch and clean and jerk will be singles every week.

At the end of this I hope to be ready to cut the home workout down to just handstand, planche and front lever progressions and add in more pressing on the gym days like btn jerks one day, push press one day and log press or more jerks.

Not real detailed, but I do have it all written out as far as reps, weights, times etc but trying to keep it fairly short here. No cardio set but will do some events training as I feel up to and time permitting, mostly farmers walk or prowler runs, or some type of circuits involving most likely sandbags or strongman implements. I'm 34, 6'2" and about 230lbs. Looking to stay around this weight, need to weigh in at 230 or less to be a middleweight at strongman, I have no interest in looking like a heavy, I like to look forward to taking my shirt off in public. Also I am fairly new to oly lifts and really suck at them. Improving them is my main goal. I also throw 3 days a week until winter, then I'll try for 2 but I'm in Alaska and that will be quite a challenge.
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