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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Word. Yin and Yang in everything. You need to look at things from a few different ways.

One is that you can be strong as hell and a beast in the weight room, or you can be conditioned well and stronger than most people you will roll with and clinch up with.

What kind of aerobic base have you got right now? The reason I ask is that someone like Derek S. could probably get away with more lifting, and let the class work take over for conditioning because he was, IIRC, into triathlons or something (correct me if I am wrong, Derek). Someone who goes from powerlifting into these sports may do well to reduce the lifting a touch, and work on building an aerobic base.

Look at Joel Jamieson's book for why this is so, and how to do it.

And keep your chin tucked.
My aerobic base is pretty damn good from all the bagwork and tabata stuff I had been doing for the past year. That is actually why I can hang with some of the guys (sometimes, only defensively) who have been there for a year or so, because I don't gas out quick.

The classes, especially the kickboxing, are intense enough that I have reduced any other cardio work to one day a week.

I appreciate the input Derek. As to your other post, I agree that I need to "decide what I am", but that leaves me wondering what I should expect and shoot for in terms of increases if I still try to do the maddog intermediate program?

Should I just listen to my body, and if it feels like I need to repeat a week or take a deload week, do so?
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