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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Gant, if he checks back in here, would be able to answer better than I could on how to blend a solid lifting plan in with any sort of combat sport. I actually improved, and gained a lot of punching power, when I stopped lifting. now I lift again, and the power is coming back, but I'm still a bit tight. I also now workout on my own and tend to nurse hand bruises every week or so. Of course, YMMV.

Regarding doing a madcow intermediate plan with all of the other stuff: I would think some sort of auto regulated, RPE set up like Mike Touscherer (SP?) has set up in RTS would make more sense. I've only glimpsed what he does, but it seems that people do pretty good with something like this. Eduardo Chile's training log includes RTS PL stuff along with BJJ. You should check that out too.

Also, you would be surprised at how poorly Tabatas and 'metcons' will prepare you. Fighters run. They do road work, and they rarely do metabolic circuits. In order to go long, you need to go long.

How many days per week are you now training on the mats?
I am training two to three days on the mats, with two to three days striking. One day overlaps with both, so a total of four in the dojo, and three in the gym. I am leaving myself one true off day where I don't hit the gym or dojo.

I wasn't doing true metcons or tabatas, interval work would be a more appropriate term. I would do three to four three minute rounds with one minute rest on the heavy bag, focusing on technique, and then do three to six rounds of nothing but speed and power for one minute with thirty seconds of rest, and then move on to a couple of thirty second punchout drills.

Whatever I was doing, it worked, because I can hang in during some hellacious classes.

I will check out Chile's log. I am actually finding myself thinking that 5/3/1 would be a good fit too. I am not one who bounces around between programs often, and I just came off of 5/3/1 (before joining the new dojo) in order to make more progress lifting. I guess changing circumstances demand adaption though.
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