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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
For everything you put in, something else has to come out. Want to get better at the olympic lifts (guessing the power versions?), doing planches isn't really conducive to that.

Throwing and lifting go well together. Throwing and a handstand, not so much. Throwing, lifting and a handstand at 230 lbs... not at all, IMO.
I don't plan to work the power versions, I was thinking true snatch and clean.

Olympic lifts are my highest priority since I feel they have the most to offer and will help the most, aside from actually throwing. And it's important to me to achieve decent numbers in them, I'd like a bodyweight snatch and 1.25x clean by spring but the challenge to get good at the lifts exceeds my desire to improve my throwing from them. I am stronger at the power versions but want to only practice the actual movement. I need to improve my flexibility alot. My numbers aren't very good, power clean 225# and power snatch 155# and at my weight that is not nearly good enough. I can press 225 overhead, incline 275, but only squat 275 in the Olympic style squat. My snatch pull the other day was 350, got a btn jerk of 225 fairly easily. I could lose the bodyweight stuff but it just seems like it would be real good to strengthen my tendons and joints before moving on to heavier freeweights all the while really improve my lower body explosiveness.
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