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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
Tailor your workout to your sport. Learn to properly execute the olympic lifts, add some squatting. My experience with gymnastics + o-lifts, is that it lead to a bit of overuse in my elbows a few sets in. However I feel like handstand and front lever can help with upper body strength without putting too much stress on the joints. Be sure to properly warm up your wrist as well as strengthen them. Get strong with your handstand pushups, make sure you stay hollow, focus on extending upward, and if your using the wall focus on your shoulders doing the work as opposed to your feet. You get better at fresstanding handstand by practicing balance work, you get better with hspu's by obviously getting stronger there. I am unfamilar with the Highland Games by the way.
Yeah, front lever isn't actually too bad on the joints unlike back lever and planche.

That's more or less because front lever is very similar to deadlifting as you're pulling the bar towards your shins (or rather keeping it against your shins as you lift) which is the same thing with the front lever. So all in all most people are used to it somewhat.
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