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So...complexes and high volume multi-joint movements increase BMR the most. Right on the heels we find hi intensity intervals.

What we appear to be looking for is muscular damage that requires a raised metabolic rate to repair, deep inroads with regards to substrate availability, particularly glycogen which is again energy intensive to restore and a hormonal environment that favors fat over glucose for most of these repairs.

Here is a question I have:

Is something like a Frellen (400m run, 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups) the BEST option for fat loss? Best being return on investment time-wise.

Or do we get better mileage out of some density training (10 min of thrusters and pull-ups...body rows for the heavy folks) and then intervals on the C2 rower?

And in the case of the Frellen a steady state WO (3 rounds for time) or a Power Bias (2min rest between rounds)?

My gut sense is the classic CF WOD...a run or row mixed with some full body movements is the best return on investment. Thoughts?
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