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Haha I've heard good things about portal 2


Power Clean: 100x8, 120x5, 140x3, 160x5
Deadlift: 170x5, 210x5, 240x5, 285x5, 325x3, 360x7

Bench: 45x10, 100x8, 130x5, 150x5, 170x3, 190x5
CG Bench: 135x5x10
Chins: 60x5, 50x4, 5, BWx5,5,5
Face pulls: 90x20, 100x20, 110x10
Dips: 20,20,10

I think I'm starting to stall on chins, they are getting rough but I really want to hit 100x5 at least so it's going to require some thinking.

Deadlifts and power cleans surprised me. I did not have any knee pain whatsoever so te 360x7 was a very nice PR.
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