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like Greg said...I think the highest intensity a person can handle is probably the best option....I've found good results with people mixing between work effort of 3-4 min with 1 min recovery for lower intense intervals and 30sec on/30 sec recovery change exercises if doing more intense circuits with 5-10 stations......I like to try and get the more intense sessions with me...and have them do less intense intervals (bike/treadmill) on their own.....either way the energy demands will be pretty high, but I do think programs with recovery and rest protocols are needed....especially for less conditioned people as I want more energy output for the weighted exercises...for real beginners you could also just do a standard weight training only for 20min, deplete all muscle glycogen with compound movements with reps of 10-12, short rest periods...and then send them to the treadmill to walk uphill at 60% MHR for another 20 min as they burn more fat (since they have no more glycogen and are now living in the oxidative energy system)......that and fat loss is 85%+ nutrition....
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