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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
I think I'll hold out for an option D. Or Not! We just go to the CSU-Chico track on Fridays and mix things up. Lst time it was 4x200m with ~4min rest between efforts. then 3x100m.

Some days it is bounding up the stadium stairs, jumps, hops etc. followed by 100's or 200's. Each day has been differnet and it seriously kicks my fanny.

You are BTW ALWAYS invited to hang in Chico!
I seem to recall an old CF workout that was like 8x400 with 90 seconds rest. I think I'm going to hit the track this weekend. I need to get working on my 100s and 200s.

It was worth a shot to get my all-expenses paid trip to Chico.

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