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Default Competitive Bench Training Log

Finally deciding to set up a log in a couple places and like the people, knowledge and wide range of exposure here.

Background: Competitive Powerlifter who recently moved to just Bench Only competitions because of old USMC injuries. Multiple State Championship's in 2 weight classes.
Dropping down a weight class due to injuries and taking a hiatus from excessive Squatting and DLing. Recently moved to a modified Paleo Diet to help weight loss and for overall health. went from 270 to 243 (as of yesterday) looking to maintain my strength while losing excessive body fat and improving health.

Follow typical Westside template, but have attempted most programs under the sun. I even was exposed to some great people at "Mike's Gym" while I trained for Powerlifting next to some great coaches and athletes for a couple years, awhile back.

Last meet (April 30th, 2011) i completed a 650 lb bench on second attempt and couldn't lock out right side on a 661 third attempt, @ 270 body weight. I am training for an August 20th Meet and look forward to seeing where my strength is as my weight loss has been pretty drastic for a such a short period of time!

Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any input or questions please don't hesitate to post!
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