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Ricardo Costa
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Default Competitive Bench Training Log

Extra Work:

Mobility Warm up

KB Swings - 36lbs
2 sets of 100 (30L, 30R, 20L, 20R)

TGU - 15 lbs - 5L, 5R
2 Sets
** Superset w/
Standing Elbow Strikes w/ Heavy Bag (Great rotational work/cardio)
4 Sets of 15L, 15R

Ball Slams - 2 sets of 30

Bike 15 mins
Sauna 10 mins (Stretching)

I have to say starting this log helped me get out of the door this morning and head to the gym. I love doing extra workouts for recovery, cardio, mixing things up etc., but they are easy to skip over when the life "pops" up, you know, the babies diaper is full AGAIN, you gotta mow the lawn, your wife wants you to bath the kids, your chasing the neighbors cat out of your kids sandbox for the umpteenth time.

Anyways this log will help me bypass life's daily challenges and make sure i put in the work.

I am 6 weeks out from my next comp in Norwalk, CA and staying focused is the key while i lift heavy and keep working my Paleo Plan.

~Rise Above~
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