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So I've decided to revive my log on here....

A little summary to sum up the time between now and my last post. I've completed 8 cycles on 5/3/1 and have been experimenting with the different formats Wendler has suggested. I've just started cycle 9 after a small 3 week layoff due to a hand injury and some crazy hours at work. I decided to shift my focus a bit for the summer on conditioning and body recomp, and try to maintain my strength as much as I can. I took 10% off my cycle 8 maxes and will be ramping back up from there, my current 5/3/1 maxes and 1 RMs are:

Press 162/180
Deadlift 328/385
Bench 232/280
Squat 348/390

I think I shaved off a decent amount to allow me to focus on other things such as body comp and conditioning.

Going to stick to the basic template Wendler recommends and what I have found to work best for me. I've also switched the 5 and 3 week around like in the Reloaded or Powerlifting version. I think the Heavy, Medium, Heavy, Light rotation works better for me.

5/3/1 Lift
BBB Lift

I started back up on Friday.

Friday 7.8.2011 - Cycle 9 - Wave 1


Warm up chin ups, face pulls, push ups

Press 5*65 5*80 3*95 3*115 3*130 6*145 | 5*10*115
Chin Ups 11*8 - Gray Band

Dips 4*8 // BB Curls 4*8*90


Insanity Core Cardio & Balance

Felt great to be back in the gym , one more full week then I'm off to Las Vegas for work. I'll bring my Insanity DVDs out there to do in the mornings before meetings and such.
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