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Derek Simonds
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11 July 2011

Targeted Pain Ball Work
Foam Roll

BS up to 155 X 5,5,3
DL up to 215 X 5, 185 X 5

Press up to 95 X 5,5,8
Fat Man Rows 8 X 5

55 LB BB Curlz W,N,R X 12

All done in 45 minutes and soaking in sweat. I am working my way back into BS and DL's. Today was at about a 5 on RPE for everything. My workout partner is back and in some crazy wager to lose 25 LB's by labor day so he is focused. I pushed the pace and was glad to have someone in the gym with me.

Tomorrow I am going to do abz and some conditioning work. I figure 25 minutes at a steady state and then 2 X 5 minute finishers. One finisher will be the rower and the other is how many rounds of 10 swings and 3 p/u's can be done in 5 minutes.

Oh and about that weight loss thing... I know weight flucuates based on a lot of different things, but I got on the scale this morning after my sweat drenched workout and after having my morning constitutional and I was 199.7. I have been low to mod carb since Tuesday of last week this week is really going to tell the tale if I can make the cut. I am going all the way on LC and am training BJJ 5 times. If I can't make a sizable dent then I am going to eat and train and fight where I am.
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