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Appreciate it Arien. My dietary approach is basically to restrict as many calories as possible with out hindering my work outs. I am also just overhaulin what i eat and how much i eat in one sitting. For instance today i had half a cup of oatmeal with a bannana for breakfest. For a pre work out i supplemented a protein shake. For my lunch/snack i have turkey sandwich with 1 slice of bread and american cheese with mustard. Later on will eat my celery and dip it in a table spoon of peanut butter. For dinner i plan on eating 2 talipia fillets and maybe a small amout of wheat rice.


Arien this morning i ran 4 miles slow pace. At 12:00 i plan on working out my chest lighter weight with 15 to 10 reps prob 3 sets. When i do around 4 to 5 excercises i most likely will jump on the treadmill and do sprints at 10mph for 2 miles with rest in between quarter miles.
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