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Douglas: I'd read Lyle McDonald and Markin Berhkan -- both of them have lots of free material to read.

Quick feedback:

1) More protein. I assume you want to maintain lean mass and drop fat. Protein is protein sparing -- you need more of it. Protein will also help with hunger, etc. Aim for about 170g protein (lean mass in g)
2) I'd recommend tracking total calories and total protein intake for a while. Weighing and measuring is a PITA, but essential to know what's going in. Aim for about 2500 calories/day (cutting about 500 calories/day off maintenance)
3) I'd prefer a simple whole body approach to weight training: Starting Strength, for example, three x week.
4) weight training + running + sprinting on caloric deprivation will hit you hard. I'd recommend starting with walking as your primary cardio method, and only add additional work in as you prove it's not killing strength...
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