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Ricardo Costa
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ME Bench:

Mobility Warm Up

Bar x10
385x3 off padded 1 board

Shirt work
495x2 - 2 board
545x1 - 2 board
585x1 - 3 board
605x1 - 3 board

DB Flat Bench - 80lbs - Palms facing each other
3 sets of 20

DB lying rollback tri extensions
50 lbs 6 sets of 10

DB Cleans - 20 lbs 3 sets of 12

Haven't gone over 455 in 2 months and now I weigh 25 lbs less so just getting the feel of heavy weight in my hands again was the goal for today. I have to work some more boards for my lock as my right side lagged a little bit tonight. Boards are very important when you start to work with max weights as you need that 2nd gear to get going at the midway point and instead of failing at the top you lock it out strong! I always get teased for my board work but that is where my speed work off the chest comes in, if you explode off your chest, you must have the lock out power to complete the lift.

Toying with the carb intake on this Paleo Diet, since it is my ME day i had a sweet potato for lunch and then the wife had a stir fry style dish with meat, kale, bell peppers squash, zucchini, cauliflower all on a small bed of white rice. Tasted great and filled me up! She has been great preparing all these meals, i think i've eaten more vegetables in the last month as i had my entire upbringing! After a long Monday at the office trying to make sure i have enough gas in the tank to work out for 2 hours.
Luckily, I have a good group of guys, S. Hoekstra, D. Smith, and the rest to help load weights, lift off and give the weekly trash talk, to get me going!

I have been staying off the creatine, tribulus, pre-workout drinks etc, as i cut this weight but this is the last week by friday i will get some creatine and tribulus going, it has always helped me in my recovery and my strength gains, the trick will be to make sure it doesn't add to much water weight. At first i am just going to take it on my gym days to see how my body reacts. As long as i can stay in the 240's, I can make the 242 lb limit.

~Rise Above~
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