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Joe Hlasnik
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Monday 7.11.2011 Cycle 9 - Wave 1

Warm up

RDL 10*45 10*95 10*115 10*135
Deadlift 5*165 3*195 3*230 3*260 5*295

Deadlift 5*10*215
Plank 5*45 Sec

Back Extensions 3*12*10

The weights may not look like much on paper but this was pretty brutal for me since coming back from my short layoff. I've decided for now I'm not going to hit much more then 2-3 reps over on the last set for now unless I'm really feeling good. This will allow me to focus more on my assistance and conditioning. I won't have time for conditioning today so I will add it to tomorrows Bench session. I really like the RDLs as a warm up for my hams and lower back.
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