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Last (2) days have been brutal....

Today 20110713:


Barbell Complex 65lbs - 85lbs - 95lbs
deadlift-bent row-hang clean-front squat-push press-back squat

w/ burpee chaser after each complex = 6 burpees



-Worked up to 90kg and just felt gassed body/mind...maybe a little under-trained, under-fed..etc etc. Last month did 110kg...

Yesterday 20110712:

Boots/Utilities/Flak (110 degrees)


Wall-balls + KB Swings + box jumps

After 30min of being outside...I made it to the end of the (30 wall-balls)...It was a black flag outside...

If this is one of the side effects of leaning out...(lost 6lbs) from I.F....may have to program AGAIN differently. I want to be lean and fit...but I don't want to lose too much strength/power....

My thoughts:

May have to switch to a linear progression S.S. or 5-3-1 programming...w/ an olympic lift in the mix here an there.

Cardio is going up...which I like. I'm leaning out too...but I hate to feel weak....

Going to go back to the lab and start Frankenstein'n.
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
~Mas Oyama~
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