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Default Strength and Endurance Program

I've searched and read on this forum as well as others, but wanted to post my own question on the topic. I've run about 10 marathons over the past years with specifically only training by running. I'd do some weight training, but not very consistent.

I have now been doing more weight training with compound lifts about 3 or 4 times a week. With this, I have one day of sprinting (10 x 200 m hill sprints usually) and one day of 90+ minutes running. If I'm able, I will do a regular, easy run during the week too.

Does anyone follow or know of a good training template to work on strength gains while training for an endurance event like a marathon or ultra race? I am aware of CrossFit Endurance and it seems like a good program, just not sure what else is out there and works. It doesn't have to be anything published, just mainly concerned with how others train with similar goals. I want to gain strength on the major lifts like squat, bench, power clean, press, etc. while maintaining and training for endurance. I have it pounded in my head that "mileage is king," but have heard some opposing views.

Any links or input is greatly appreciated. I am a 27 y/o male, 5'10 and 151lbs...medium build. Haven't really gained weight while lifting because I should probably eat more....even then I know this, I need to actually do it!
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