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Ricardo Costa
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Back Work:
Mobility Warmup
Hammer Strength High Row (warm up for pull ups)
2 sets of 15 - 90 lbs

Pull Ups
6 sets of 6 - 5 different grips
**Superset w/
45 degree back extensions
6 sets of 8

3 sets of 15 - 100 lb DB's
**Superset w/
EZ Curls
3 sets of 10 - 80 lbs

Rear Delts
3 sets of 12 - 75 lbs
**Superset w/
Decline Sit ups
3 sets of 15

Chest Supported Rows
3 sets of 10 - 195 lbs
**Superset w/
Hammer Curls
3 sets of 10 - 40 lbs DB's

Sauna 10 min (Stretching)

Ok, so I have to say that, I am a huge fan of supersets! You'll see a lot of them on my Speed/Dynamic days. I just feel that I get a huge return by keeping the work intense, my heart rate up and and kind of like the "runners high" where i just feel great by working hard and pushing myself to work harder than the next guy! Just the competitor in me i guess.

I also got to the gym at 8:45 pm as the wife put the kids to bed, so I know how all of you feel after a long day at work, its hard to get to the gym sometimes, just keep focused on your goals and work your plan!

Food is going great, i had Latin flavored sautéed chicken with kale for dinner and lunch was chicken salad in a romaine wrap (taco)! Never in a million years would i have thought i would eat a taco using lettuce instead of a tortilla! I was the Taco King, but as life progresses i guess so must I. Somebody eat a Taco for me somewhere tomorrow! I am enjoying eating Paleo and my energy is consistent all day compared to before, so there is a big difference.

Plan Your Work and Work your Plan!
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