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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Miles make champions and crossfit endurance or any other crossfit "program" is awful.
You can get stronger while training for endurance. But you won't break any world records, it'll take longer to get smaller gains etc. I am pretty sure a few guys around here have done some stuff like what you are talking about. Maybe Cyril?
Thank you both for the comments. I agree these are two different areas that usually don't improve together. I am not looking to make huge strength gains while endurance training, so I understand the minimal amount. I just want to keep some good weekly barbell sessions in there to work on squat, press, and power clean mainly.

I was just curious to see if anyone knew of or had their own routine that works for them or someone they know. I understand we're all unique in our training styles and adaptations, but it's nice to have something to go off of.

On CrossFit, I agree, some of the WODs are worthwhile, but most seem like they're asking for injury.
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